Prashant Kumar

This webpage is currently under development, and I am looking forward to showcasing my coding work here.


I have interests and experience in the technological, scientific, and financial domains. To keep up with the state of code, I spend time on Stack Overflow

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I enjoy coding in Python and practiced doing so on Project Euler problems. They have a lot of fun number theory problems, and due to the numeric nature of the problems, I have been able to use Numpy to accelerate my solutions.

69+ problems solved

In addition, I have also brushed up on C++ using the Timus Online Judge. Most of the problems that I have solved on that site are on the easy side to just get used to the site. Problem #1220 "Stacks" required a bit of extra thinking about the overhead incurred at the lower level with respect to class design.

Data Science

While my research work at Pitt was using statistical mechanical molecular modeling techniques in surface science and have analyzed scientific simulation data, I have developed an interest in the machine learning approach to statistical analysis. I have recently finished Andrew Ng's Machine learning course on Coursera. In addition, I am taking Practical Machine Learning and Developing Data Products from Johns Hopkins University on Coursera and will soon have Shiny app to demo here!

In Progress ....

Check out my github. This website is hosted using Github Pages.
I will have a link to my resume here soon.

Demos and links to my work will appear here soon. You can expect